E-mail Marketing Trick For Massive Sales

If you aren't using e-mail marketing to drive revenue for your business (or nurture your current customers) you are missing out on up to 40% more sales!* for your online store. It can be very daunting to start your e-mail strategy, but the good news is that once you do... there is a major upside. It is essential to set up basic e-mail flows such as your Welcome Series, Abandon Cart Flows, Purchase Series, Post-Purchase, and Testimonials. However, one of the best ways is to take your existing subscriber list and run "campaigns" at least once/week that will potentially add sales without adding any cost (outside of the e-mail provider fee). You'll also want to test different days/time to send, as this will have a large impact on the performance of your content. 

Here's an example of a high-performing e-mail campaign (sent to current subscribers who have opened an e-mail from you in the past 90 days): 

Subject line: [NAME], Your order is on us!
Description:  FREE [product name] are just two clicks away

Headline: Final Call For FREE [Product]
Sub-Headline: Quick, order now for a chance to win

Creative: Animated "stopwatch" style showing that there are only a certain number of hours left to win. 

Body Copy: We're giving 5 lucky customers the chance to win FREE [Product] when they purchase today. But hurry, this offer ENDS TONIGHT at midnight, Friday May 21st. *

Call to Action: ORDER NOW

If you want to see the rest of the body copy in this e-mail that achieved a 24% OPEN RATE & 14% CLICK THROUGH RATE, send me an e-mail: sarah@sheademarketing.com and I'll happily send it over to you. 

Good Luck! 

-Sarah Sheade

*Data from a combination of multiple Shopify stores utilizing e-mail marketing